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A Positive Psychology Program Can Help You Build a Successful Career

positive psychology program

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is the first step toward becoming a positive psychologist. While this degree is useful, it only leads to limited career opportunities, as most aspirants opt for a general psychology degree. Then, they take up an advanced degree to become a positive psychologist. Some positive psychology program¬†offer certificates, which are useful for CPD renewals. Then, they pursue a Master’s degree. Typically, a Master’s degree will be required to be a practicing psychologist.

Master of Applied Positive Psychology at University of Melbourne

Graduates of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at University of Victoria will be well-equipped to work in a wide range of settings. They will possess excellent interpersonal skills, strong decision-making abilities and sound ethical practices. Graduates of this course will have the skills and attitude to mentor others and to promote positive changes within their communities. They will also be well-versed in the field of positive psychology and will be able to share this knowledge with other professionals.

To be admitted to the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at University of Victoria, students must hold a relevant bachelor or master’s degree. After completing the course, students must complete at least 50 credit points and 1 x capstone subject that is worth 25 points. The Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree is awarded only after successful completion of the final semester. Graduates of the course can go on to earn the Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology and the Professional Certificate in Positive Education, after they meet the necessary requirements.

MSc in Applied Positive Leadership and Strategy at University of East London

This program offers you the opportunity to become a social entrepreneur and to apply positive psychology to a business environment. Students take courses in human behaviour, resilience, creativity and character strengths. The University of East London is located in East London, near the major financial district of Canary Wharf and the city’s Olympic legacy. It is accredited by the Privy Council. You can find out more about the program and apply online. It is also possible to study online.

This course teaches you how to create a culture where people feel good about themselves and others. It teaches you how to lead through empathy and compassion. Using positive psychology, you will learn how to inspire others and build high-performance teams. Students will learn how to use the tools and methods in the ALIGHT model to transform their organisations. In addition, students will learn how to use the ALIGHT model to lead others, which is evidence-based and ambitious.

Postdoctoral positions

Interested in a career in positive psychology? This field is rapidly growing, and a postdoctoral position in a positive psychology program can provide you with excellent training in the field. Many positive psychologists also choose to pursue postdoctoral fellowships, which are typically one or two years of grant-funded research in a large university. Positive psychology students may also seek out volunteer or internship positions in human resource departments, healthcare settings, or consulting firms. These opportunities can help build up their resumes and give them an edge in a highly competitive field.

To find a postdoc, you can use the APPIC database, which lists open positions by region and specialty. Be sure to choose a postdoc in a state that meets the state’s licensure requirements. After you find a program that matches your qualifications, you can contact the faculty members to inquire about openings in their field. If you’re unsure of which university or department will host your postdoc, you can always reach out to your advisor to find out whether there are any posts in their department.


The average salary for a positive psychologist varies greatly by location and job type. Generally, a positive psychologist working in a consulting or research setting will make more money than someone who is merely interested in the practice. Education also plays a part in the salary, and people with advanced degrees can expect higher salaries. These professionals can also teach at the university level, which will boost their earnings. In general, the average salary for a positive psychologist is $80,370 per year.

Other job opportunities include academia. Positive psychologists in academia teach college-level classes and conduct research on a specific topic. Positive psychology has even overlapped with education. It is often used in educational settings, and focusing on the positive attributes of children can have huge benefits as a teacher, school counselor, or school administrator. While salary is not the only factor to consider, it is important to understand that you could make a substantial difference in the world as a teacher or school counselor.