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Exactly What is Kartra Used For?

Kartra has recently become very popular in the world of online business.

Many business owners have switched to Kartra from other platforms such as ClickFunnels or Instapage.

The reason for this being the number of cool features you can get with Kartra for a very low price.

In this guide, we are going to be taking a look at what Kartra can be used for so that you can know whether or not Kartra is for you.

What Is Kartra Used For? 

1. Sales Pages

With Kartra, you can create brilliant-looking short-form and long-form sales pages that CONVERT. 

You get beautiful-looking templates that are very easy to edit with their drag and drop editor. Additionally, they are designed to make you as much money as possible, simply because of the all the cool features that you can use such as:

  • One-click upsell
  • Order bumps

And, with this, it makes it much easier to get more conversions and ultimately make more money. 

2. Membership Sites

The next feature is the membership site feature which is really cool as you can charge recurring subscriptions for providing content within your membership site. And, what’s also good about a recurring membership site is that you can offer free trials first, which makes it a lot easier to convert people, as they don’t have to pay at first.

And, Kartra’s membership sites are actually pretty good, unlike for example ClickFunnels. They aren’t as buggy and give the user a nice experience, which is great.

So, that’s another great tool that you can get with Kartra.

3. Email Marketing

Next up is Email Marketing.

And, with Kartra’s Email tools, you will definitely have a powerful autoresponder at your hands.

The deliverability is great too which makes it so much better than many autoresponders out there. Of course, you also get super powerful automation sequences too!

4. Other Features Within Kartra

Kartra also offers tons of other features for example: 

  • Video hosting (like for example Vimeo)
  • Helpdesks
  • Affiliate Management
  • Kartra Agency
  • Kartra Marketplace

So, as you can see, it is a really great all-in-one solution. However, there is one thing that it should not be used for and it does not replace which we will talk about in a second.

What Kartra Shouldn’t Be Used For

Kartra is NOT a blogging platform and it does not replace blogging platforms such as WordPress.

WordPress has had over a decade of development and has become the norm for bloggers. Kartra doesn’t try to compete with that, as that would be stupid. 

It’s a page builder, not a CMS (Content Management System).

Kartra tries to be the best page builder, not the best CMS. 

Although Kartra does have a blogging feature, you should not use it if you want to grow a blog consistently. It’s more for if you have a long-form sales page, that looks like a website and you just want to add 4-5 blog posts to help the feel of the website and maybe to educate your visitors.

With Kartra, you’re not going to have all the SEO features that you get with WordPress, as it’s more of a sales page builder.

If you are unsure whether or not Kartra is for you, you can get an Extended Kartra trial by visiting the tutorial.