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Give Your Face a Lift at NUVO Cosmedispa

NUVO Cosmedispa offers advanced skin lift treatments to give you a smooth, youthful appearance. This medical spa uses the finest injectables to achieve a natural-looking result. Its procedures, such as dermal fillers and micro-needling, have been proven to reduce the appearance of acne scars and the signs of aging.


NUVO Cosmedispa offers a variety of noninvasive skin treatments that are safe and effective. They use the highest quality dermal fillers and injectables to treat skin imperfections. These treatments have been shown to reduce acne scars and the appearance of aging skin.

NUVO’s skin care professionals are experts in aesthetic procedures. They use the latest technology and products to help clients achieve a youthful, luminous complexion. The Skintrinsiq system incorporates red and blue LED light therapy into one procedure. It is a noninvasive treatment that requires only minimal downtime. The Skintrinsiq procedure can be repeated every two weeks for optimal results.

Obagi InfuseIQ Technology

Obagi, the science-based skincare company, has introduced a new device, called Skintrinsiq, to enhance its signature skin-lifting treatments. The device works by extracting impurities from the skin and infusing the proven ingredients of Obagi skincare products into the skin. It also features an advanced delivery system.

This new device uses Obagi InfuseIQ Technology to lift the upper layers of the skin and open channels to allow the skin to absorb the products, which are then delivered to the deeper layers. The channels close when the vacuum is removed. This unique system differs from other devices, which use mechanical resurfacing to remove the upper layers of skin. Recently, the company acquired the company that produces this technology and has placed it in over 40 skincare practices.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can be an excellent way to give your face a lift. A NUVO Cosmedispa physician will use the highest-quality injectables to lift your skin. This procedure can help reduce wrinkles, reduce scarring, and reverse the signs of aging.

The treatment is non-surgical and is usually performed in one office visit. Before the procedure, the provider will examine the area and review your medical history. While dermal filler risks are minimal, you should disclose any allergies, skin conditions, and medications. It is also important to avoid taking any medication that can increase the risk of bruising.

Nurse injector

If you are considering undergoing a cosmetic injectable, you should choose the most skilled and experienced injector for your procedure. This is one of the most important decisions you can make for the outcome of your skin treatment. Injectable treatments require precise technique, the right quantity of product, and the correct injection site to give you the desired result. Otherwise, you could end up with an overfilled look or asymmetry in your face.

Nurse Injector Specialist Bianca Ruiz has been in the aesthetic field for over 14 years, and spent the last five years working for some of Houston’s most well-respected plastic surgeons. She has a deep passion for patients and focuses on prevention as well as evidence-based practice.