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Hobart Mixers Are a Workhorse

Hobart mixers are industrial-grade machines designed to take on heavy-duty tasks like whipping eggs, mixing mashed potatoes and dough. The company makes both floor and countertop mixers in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any commercial kitchen’s needs.

In addition to being a workhorse, Hobart mixers are designed with safety in mind. Every model undergoes rigorous testing in the manufacturer’s technical center to ensure that it can withstand the toughest job conditions. Hobart also offers a comprehensive nationwide network of factory-trained service technicians to help customers with any problems they encounter in the field.

Whether you need to buy an new part for Hobart mixers or replace worn out components, Parts Town has the parts you need to keep your machine running smoothly. We carry a large selection of real OEM Hobart mixer parts including bearings, plugs and more. Plus, we offer same day shipping on in-stock items until 9 PM Monday through Friday.

Hobart planetary mixers feature a unique rotor design that prevents air from entering the mixture. This reduces oxidation and keeps the mixture kneading properly for better, lighter results. Additionally, Hobart planetary mixers have a single-point bowl installation and power bowl lift for easier operation. This allows operators to easily switch between agitator speeds and swap out the bowl for different applications.

Another great benefit of using a Hobart mixer is that its motor puts out full power at all speeds. This allows you to mix something thick, dense and heavy (like bagel dough) without putting undue strain on the machine. In contrast, if you mix something similar in a KitchenAid, the motor might burn out because it’s not able to handle the load.

The Hobart mixer also has a much faster response time than its competition, so you can whip up more food in less time. This can be a huge time saver when you’re making a lot of meals for a big crowd. The only drawback is that the mixer doesn’t have a clutch, which means that every time you want to change the speed you need to stop the machine, flip the dial and restart. This can be annoying when you’re mixing something delicate, like eggs.

Hobart also has a wide variety of attachments to meet any kitchen’s specific mixing needs. These include pasta makers, meat grinders, vegetable choppers and much more. These attachments can make the process of preparing food in your commercial kitchen much more efficient and easy.

Unlike its competitors, Hobart’s HL200 stand mixer is more affordable than many of its models. Its simple, yet sturdy construction and excellent performance make it a popular choice for commercial kitchens. This is especially true for restaurants and other high-volume establishments that use a lot of ingredients at one time.

The Legacy HL662 pizza mixer features two kneading speeds for thorough kneading and consistent results. It also has a 50-minute timer and Shift-on-the-Fly technology to help operators smoothly transition between speeds and avoid product loss. The mixer also has a power bowl lift and double-duty agitation to improve overall efficiency and productivity.