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How to Compare the Best Moving Companies in London Ontario

When it comes to moving, you need the services of a professional company. A moving company that specializes in local and long-distance moves is a good choice. This type of service is highly recommended, as it will not only move your belongings to the new location, but will also take care of all the packing and delivery for you. There are some important things to consider, however, before choosing a company for the job.

Cost of moving

There are several things to consider when comparing the cost of moving companies in London, Ontario. Most of them will offer basic liability insurance, which is a must for a mover. In addition, long-distance movers will often charge for fuel, which can be a fixed percentage of the total move cost. Moving companies in Canada will also charge for travel time, which is usually equal to one hour of labor.

For example, a single-bedroom apartment may best moving companies london ontario cost between $260 and $655. A three-bedroom house can cost anywhere from $735 to $1,300. The same goes for a four-bedroom home. Using a moving company in London, Ontario to move your home can run anywhere from $600-$1700. But some companies may not include the cost of shipping vehicles and may charge you as much as $2,600 for the privilege of moving your car.

Choosing a moving company with the lowest cost

Choosing a moving company with the lowest price is not always the best option. The cost of moving varies depending on several factors. These include the distance to be covered, the date of the move, and the type of company being hired. It is important to plan ahead to avoid paying more than you can afford. Moreover, the type and quantity of furniture being moved can also affect the cost. The more expensive your furniture is, the more time it will take and the heavier it will be.

Whether you need a local move or a cross-country move, there are several factors that will affect the cost of your move. While local moves are usually affordable, cross-country moves may require extended labor and travel fees. You also need to consider the time of year of your move, as moving costs don’t remain constant throughout the year. Generally speaking, a low-cost moving company operates during the months of March to May, while the peak moving season falls between late May and late September.

Beware of moving companies that do not carry the proper licenses from the FMCSA

While the FMCSA does not have criminal authority, it can take enforcement action against moving companies that violate the law. It can suspend or revoke operating authority, levy fines, and block a moving company’s registration. In 2019 alone, the agency brought 27 “hostage” cases and imposed fines totaling $246,280 on moving companies. In addition to partnering with state and local law enforcement agencies, the FMCSA also prioritizes moving fraud and supports the work of the U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General. Florida’s state attorney general has been active in prosecuting moving scams, and Florida has its own inspector general who prioritizes the problem.

Dishonest moving companies use the same tricks to lure customers. It’s best to thoroughly vet movers, and ask all the pertinent questions. If a company does not carry the proper licenses from the FMCSA, be wary. You can also contact the FMCSA to file a complaint. The agency can also investigate fraudulent companies based on complaints. To protect yourself from moving scammers, be vigilant.