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Three Key Services a Moving Company Provides

If you’re looking into hiring a  moving services London Ontario company, it is important to understand what movers do. While the exact services a mover provides can vary from company to company, there are three key tasks that all moving companies must perform.

First and foremost, a mover will need to do an inventory of your belongings. This can be done either in person or over the phone, and is the first step in preparing to load your belongings onto a truck. This allows the movers to get an accurate sense of what needs to be moved and how long it will take to do so.

This inventory will also help the mover provide a cost estimate for the overall service. The more stuff you have, the longer it will take to move and the higher the costs will be. The best way to minimize costs is to clean out clutter months before your move, as this can save you a lot of money on both the initial move and the storage fees.

Once the inventory has been completed, the movers will begin packing and disassembling furniture. This is a huge task that can be incredibly time consuming. It is not uncommon for it to take a full team of movers 2-3 hours to pack up a typical home. It’s best to be prepared for this by getting boxes and other packing materials ahead of time.

When packing, movers will use the appropriate amount of padding to keep your items safe. This includes bubble wrap, blankets, and packing paper. They will also provide crates when necessary for high-value or delicate items. This ensures that your items are protected during the entire process.

The movers will then load the boxes and furniture into their trucks. This is a major undertaking, and one that requires specialized equipment. They will also transport your belongings to your new location, whether that’s across town or the other side of the country.

If the movers need to transport your belongings long distance, they will typically work with a third party shipping company. This can be a hassle, but it ensures that your items are covered with insurance.

Finally, the movers will unload and set up your belongings in your new house. They will also dispose of any packing materials, such as cardboard and peanuts. This is the perfect option for those who want to focus on other important tasks related to moving and do not have time or don’t wish to do it themselves. Be sure to tip your movers for their hard work, as it is common practice in most service industries. The amount you should tip them will vary depending on the quality of their performance. Be sure to compare prices of movers in your area before hiring one. This will allow you to find the right fit for your specific needs and budget.