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Top 5 Email Verification APIs

Email validation is a critical part of any form submission. You need to ensure your customers and prospects provide their correct and valid email address so you can deliver your message in the right inbox. It’s also vital to prevent spamming by preventing the use of invalid email addresses. In order to do so, many companies leverage email verification APIs that will validate and verify a given email address in real-time.

These API tools can be integrated into online registration forms, subscription and newsletter signups, CRMs, CMSs, POS terminals and more. They will eliminate mistyped, disposable, inactive or fake email addresses so you can be sure your message is reaching the right audience.

Reacher is an email validation API that provides a SaaS solution for bulk verification. It uses a three-step validation process and includes grammar checks, validation against mailbox providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and SMTP verification. This allows for a high accuracy rate and is GDPR compliant. It also provides a feature that will prompt users to fix typos in their email address when they submit a form.

The VERIFY_ME_FROM_DOMAIN API is an excellent option for validating an email address from the domain name of the sender. It offers a number of different methods for validating an email address, including syntax checking, SMTP verification and filtering. It also checks whether the domain has a mailbox record, which is important to determining its authenticity.

It’s also important to note that VERIFY_ME_FROM_DOMAIN is not as thorough as some of the other options on this list, as it only does basic syntax and domain check. However, it can be a good option for small businesses and startups.

Mailboxlayer is an email verification and validation email verification API JSON API. It’s linked to multiple databases, including those for free and disposable emails. It also performs a variety of other checks, including catching typos and reflecting numeric scores for the email quality. It’s also a great choice for cleaning your email lists to remove junk and bad email ids that can impact your deliverability.

Lastly, the API is easy to integrate and supports various formats, including JSON, XML and JSONP. Its primary lookup endpoint is very straightforward to invoke with a simple GET request. It’s written in Go and is an ideal tool for developers that need a quick and reliable email verification API.

As soon as a validation job is complete, it will call your callback URL with an object representing the snapshot of the email verification results. This object will include an id which is unique to the request. Additionally, the API will provide an idempotency key to help you safely handle requests that may fail due to network errors or client or server issues. In the case of an error, the API will retry a request after a period of time. The length of the wait period can be controlled by setting the “waitTime” query parameter, as shown below.