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Why the Self Storage Industry Continues to Expand

Self storage is a valuable asset to many households. It can help declutter and make homes more comfortable, freeing up much-needed space for family members, guests or hobbies. It can also be a good option for people who are moving or renovating their home and need a temporary place to store items that won’t fit in their new spaces. In addition, businesses can benefit from using storage facilities for a variety of reasons, from off-site location to keeping extra inventory. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand why the industry continues to expand and how it can help you and your business.

The most common use for self storage is for personal and household items. Many of us have more possessions than our living spaces can accommodate, and using a storage facility can be a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require a costly home expansion or sacrifice in lifestyle. Self storage can simplify organizing, improve security for important belongings and allow you to manage seasonal changes without losing access to your valuables.

Similarly, homeowners may need self storage when they’re planning to sell their property. Self storage can be a great way to reclaim your garage or driveway while making necessary improvements to your home and selling it at a more advantageous time.

Many hobbies come with a lot of supplies and equipment that can be cumbersome to keep around the house, especially in seasonal climates. Having a dedicated storage unit can allow you to keep your hobby gear out of the way, protect it from winter weather and other environmental conditions, and free up valuable space for enjoying your favorite pastimes.

Moving or relocating to a new property isn’t always a smooth process. Sometimes there are delays or other unexpected circumstances that can affect your moving schedule. During these times, a self storage space can be an invaluable tool to keep your belongings safe and sound while you wait for your next move.

In the last couple of decades, the industry has expanded to respond to the needs of consumers and businesses. Several popular reality shows, such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, have pushed the popularity of storage units and increased the awareness of the value they can offer. These programs have boosted the visibility of storage auctions, which are a key component of the industry, and made it easier to find local providers.

The popularity of self storage has also been boosted by the need for temporary work space during renovations and construction projects. This has impacted a number of industries, such as legal and medical professionals who need secure space for records. Real estate agents and interior designers can also rely on self storage for temporary furniture or other supplies that will need to be retrieved quickly. In addition, blue collar businesses such as construction and repair services often rely on self storage for quick access to tools and heavy equipment they might need on site.