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Buying a Portable AC

A Portable AC is a good solution for cooling your home if window air conditioners are not an option. But it’s important to pick the right model and take care of it properly. Look for models that can be controlled with an app, smart home assistant integration, or a remote control. Also, make sure the BTU rating matches your room size and consider a dual-hose model for better energy efficiency.

Single-hose Portable AC units use a single exhaust vent to vent heat and moisture generated by the cooling process outside the home. They’re simpler to install and cheaper than their double-hose counterparts. But they don’t offer as much cooling power and can create noticeable drafts during operation.

As a result, in 2018, manufacturers began using a new BTU rating system that takes into account the amount of heat emitted during the cooling process. The new DOE (Department of Energy) BTU ratings are more accurate and will help you compare units based on their actual cooling performance.

The cooling process in a portable air conditioner starts when a refrigerant is heated up by the electrical system and then cooled down as it passes through the compressor. This cooled down refrigerant then absorbs heat from the room air and it’s this warm air that is vented out through the unit’s exhaust hose. Most portable ACs have a drip tray that collects condensation and the moisture has to be manually emptied from time to time.

A newer type of portable air conditioning, called inverter technology, uses a motor to generate electricity to run the fan and compressor and to cool the refrigerant. This allows for a more energy-efficient cooling process and can make some portable ACs significantly quieter than traditional models.

One of the most popular and effective choices for a Portable AC is the DeLonghi EX390LVYN. It’s capable of cooling rooms up to 500 square feet and can be controlled with a mobile app or voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s also equipped with LG ThinQ smart technology that makes it compatible with other LG appliances and can be controlled remotely from any smartphone or device.

Another excellent option is the Midea MAP10S1CWT. This portable AC is designed to cool and dehumidify rooms up to 500 square feet and features a handy remote, Wi-Fi capability, and smart home assistant integration. It has a companion app that can be used to customize settings, set daily schedules and alerts, and track energy usage. It also includes a sleep mode that can lower the temperature in your room before you wake up. It’s slightly pricier than other models on our list, but it has an impressive set of features and offers excellent cooling performance.