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Glass Skylights

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, glass skylights can be a great way to bring natural light into your home. Besides the beauty and natural feel they provide, they can also improve the environmental conditions of your property and help you reduce energy costs.

If you are planning to install a glass skylight in your home, it is important to select the right product. This is because the right product will depend on your roof type, location, and purpose. There are many types of skylights available to choose from. You can also choose the type of glass used for the skylight. The two most common types of glass used in skylights are tempered glass and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is an ideal choice for glass skylights because it is very durable and resistant to scratches. The glass also blocks harmful ultraviolet light. Laminated glass, on the other hand, is a type of glass that is encased in a clear vinyl film. This type of glass is impact-resistant, super-strong, and blocks 99% of UV light.

Acrylic is a more economical choice when it comes to skylights. It is lighter than glass and can be installed on both flat and sloped roofs. It also comes in larger sizes, making it more adaptable for certain projects. Acrylic is also naturally UV-stable, which helps prevent the “bleaching” effect on interior surfaces.

Although glass skylights are more expensive than acrylic skylights, they are a great choice because they provide a high degree of durability. The glass is also impact-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it discoloring or dislodging inside your home. In addition to its durability, glass skylights are also energy-efficient. They can lower your energy costs by letting in natural light, thereby reducing the need for air conditioners. Glass skylights also come with a 20-year warranty.

Whether you choose glass or acrylic, it’s important to work with¬†Glass Skylights a roofing contractor or a glass skylight manufacturer to make sure your skylight is installed correctly. The proper coordination will prevent delays or cost overruns. In addition, you should also work with a manufacturer to ensure that your glass skylight meets all of your project’s loads.

Unlike plastic skylights, glass skylights are also energy efficient, providing you with great return on investment. They are also impact resistant, which helps prevent injuries from falling debris. They also have a 99% UV protection film that keeps harmful rays from entering your home.

Some skylights also feature motorized venting, which can help you keep your home dry without having to manually open and close the skylight. Moreover, motorized venting skylights are also equipped with moisture sensors to automatically close the skylight when rain starts. These features are great for buildings in areas where the weather is often cold and wet.

For commercial spaces, glass skylights can help improve employee well-being and productivity. This is especially true for office environments, where natural light is often a significant factor in mood and productivity. In addition, glass skylights can help enhance soundproofing.