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How Leagend Coaching Can Revolutionize Your Business

Be A Legend, a coaching service led by Lara Jones, works with individuals, teams, and executives at organizations of all sizes to achieve greater success. The company teaches clients how to evolve their businesses, so that they can survive and thrive in today’s constantly changing marketplace. The company believes that understanding the current market environment is the first step in ensuring a company’s survival. Using Be A Legend’s coaching services can revolutionize your business and allow you to achieve your full potential.

Be a Legend is a coaching service led by Lara Jones

Lara Jones, founder of Be a Legend, has 20 years of experience in international business, marketing, neuroscience, psychology, and leadership. Her work helps people achieve greater success and reach their full potential. From small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, Lara has helped her clients evolve and transform their business to meet the challenges of a changing market.

Lara’s background in psychology and neuroscience allows her to help clients transform their mindset. She has also completed a certificate in grief education from David Kessler, an internationally known author, public speaker, and death and grief expert. Lara has a thorough understanding of the Get the facts science behind how the brain develops and learns, and how it can be rewired to achieve success.

Powerful questions are not oriented toward a specific answer

A powerful question, whether asked orally or in writing, carries positive intent and opens the receiver’s mind to new learning and perspectives. Its goal is to provoke action in the receiver, inspiring him or her to seek help, set goals, and make progress. In leagend coaching, a powerful question is not directed toward an answer but rather towards an underlying question that challenges the receiver’s current state of affairs.