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Kona Coffee

If you are looking for a great coffee shop with a casual, friendly environment and outstanding service, you have landed on the right page. Kona Coffee serves some of the best coffee in California, and their blends are as varied as their location is extensive.

Known for the “original” blend of coffee, Kona is located in the southern part of the state near Hilo. The property is also designed to be comfortable and accessible for customers. It features a long-term business plan that is all about continuous development and growth, so there is no reason to worry about how the business will grow.

The coffee shop’s location makes it easy to travel to Kona. The Napali Coast is a great place to explore. Situated at the south end of Hawaii’s Big Island, Kona Coffee is only a short drive from Haleakala National Park and many other wonderful national parks and forests.

What makes Kona Coffee stands out among the many other coffee shops in Hawaii? Customer service, of course! If you are looking for a great experience, you will love the friendly atmosphere. If you want the best cup of coffee possible, you can find it here.

Fresh coffee, free wi-fi, and healthy options for snacks – this is a coffee shop that has everything you could ever ask for in a coffee shop. You will also find many healthy snacks and meals for you to choose from. There is also a snack bar, so you can enjoy the tasty treats while still getting some exercise.

Not everyone can make it to Hawaii to experience the beauty of Kona Coffee, so there is a no obligation free trial for you to try the coffee at home. Take advantage of the free sample offer to get a taste of what it is like to visit Kona. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, so try it today!

Most locations are open seven days a week, but there are a few out of state locations in California, Arizona, and Colorado. Visit their website for locations in your area.

Order your Kona Coffee at Kona Coffee today. You will be glad you did!