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Onyx Duckbill rubber check valves

A duckbill check valve is a type of check valve that is commonly used in medical applications. This type of valve has two flaps and is typically made of rubber or synthetic elastomer. The valve is designed to prevent contamination caused by backflow. There are several types of duckbill check valves.

Rubber duckbill check valves

Clamp-type duckbill check valves are used in many applications including municipal flooding and coast and wharf applications. They replace the flapper type that can be easily clogged by silt, mud, rocks, vegetation and marine life. These valves also provide additional protection by preventing backflow.

Duckbill check valves are simple to install and can be integrated into many different devices. They don’t require any complex assembly processes or complicated surface finishes. These valves are widely available in Australia and elsewhere. This makes them the perfect choice for many industrial applications. Here are some of the advantages of duckbill check valves:

Rubber Duckbill Check Valves are a cost-effective backflow prevention solution. They’re designed to handle large obstructions and are guaranteed to prevent backflow and clogging. They can also seal around suspended and trapped solids. These valves are constructed with the highest quality engineering elastomers and feature outer layers that repel marine organisms.

Swing check valves

Swing check valves for duckbill water treatment systems are an effective way to prevent the infiltration of sediment and sea water. They also facilitate flushing of the discharge pipe. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, these valves are easy to install and repair.

These valves are made from manmade fiber and elastic neoprene. They have a flattened end that resembles a duck’s beak. When the media flows through the valve, the outlet flattens out, preventing backflow. The valve’s design and material must be compatible with¬†why not check here the characteristics of the media to prevent contaminating it.

Swing check valves are usually installed in the horizontal position, although they can be installed vertically if necessary. They are often found on all lines that experience high fluid-friction loss. They are especially recommended for applications where flow reversals are less frequent. Unlike gate valves, they can withstand high viscous fluids and dirt. Their double-disc design reduces weight by 50%.

Onyx Duckbill rubber check valve is a low-cost flow control solution that maintains mono-directional flow of water, slurries, sewage, and sludge. These valves have no mechanical parts and are extremely quiet. Moreover, they do not require maintenance.

These valves are flexible and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are also available in flanged versions for easier installation. The flanges are drilled for 150# standard, but other drilling standards are available on request. Proco duckbill rubber check valves are available for vertical or horizontal installation.

Unlike mechanical check valves, Onyx Duckbill rubber check valve are fire-resistant. This construction prevents rust and abrasive material from clogging the valve. Moreover, they have a long lifespan. In fact, these valves can last as long as 50 years. However, it is important to consider the conditions that may affect its lifespan.