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Technological Vamping and Sleep Deprivation

Using a mobile device for a prolonged period of time has been associated with a number of positive and negative health effects. Among the negatives are sleep deprivation, which obliterates one’s slumber time, and the brain’s executive functions. It’s also been linked to weight gain and increased appetite for unhealthy foods. While many of these negatives are a direct result of a lack of sleep, there are also positive benefits that come with a good night’s rest. Getting a good night’s sleep is a crucial component of human longevity, and it isn’t something that can be achieved by snoozing or ignoring one’s smartphone.

The biggest problem is that teens have no incentive to get a good night’s sleep, and it’s not uncommon to see teenagers sleeping past midnight or later on weekdays and weekends alike. The according to this report on Vamping from Universitat Oberta problem can be ameliorated by allowing teens to spend a few hours socializing before bedtime and encouraging parents to reward them with a few snooze worthy hours in the evening. A teen’s social life is a microcosm of their personal life, and the quality of their interactions will make or break their social status and mental well being. Moreover, their quality of sleep has a direct bearing on their academic performance.

The best way to go about this is to a) limit the time the teen spends on their phone, and b) give them some time to relax and do other things like play sports and go to the movies. The resulting balance will yield a happy and healthy teen. Similarly, adults need to find a balance between work and play. While they may be able to squeeze in a few more hours of screen time, the best course of action is to cut back on time on their phones, or at least lock them away for the better part of the evening. The resulting sleep deficit has negative effects on their cognitive abilities, and can lead to sleep deprivation-induced insomnia and depression.