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What Do Cosmetic Dentists Do?


What do cosmetic dentists do? They perform dental procedures that alter the appearance of the teeth and gums. Typically, this involves changing the position, color, size, alignment, and overall look of the teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentists specialize in many areas, from dental implants to teeth whitening. Read on to learn more about Dr. Shalman and other cosmetic dentists. Here is a look at some of the procedures they perform.

Dental implants

There are many options available to people who need dental implants, including free implants and free clinics. There are some benefits to participating in clinical trials, but you may not be able to afford the entire procedure. Some dental insurance plans cover some of the costs. If you have a dental insurance plan, you should inquire about the coverage of dental implants before proceeding with the procedure. You may also be able to get free dental implants through a special program called DentalSave.

Teeth straightening

Tooth straightening treatments have¬†Learn more at changed dramatically over the past decade, and you can now have a beautiful smile without braces. A poor alignment of teeth makes it difficult to brush them properly, which can cause decay. In addition, crooked teeth make a person’s smile look unattractive. Braces are made of wires and brackets that make teeth look like miniature TV antennas. This is why you should always go to a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening

If you’d like to whiten your teeth, you can visit your cosmetic dentist. Compared to whitening gels and at-home treatments, these solutions are safer and more effective. Cosmetic dentists use a specially formulated whitening gel to lighten your teeth. While teeth whitening kits do not offer immediate results, the benefits of a whiter smile outweigh the risks. A dentist can perform the treatment in a single visit, or you can receive several treatments over several weeks.

Dr. Shalman is a cosmetic dentist

When you think about Dr. Alex Shalman, you might think of a surgeon or a famous model. These two things aren’t necessarily the same. A cosmetic dentist can help with both of these concerns. A dentist who specializes in aesthetic dentistry should be experienced with the latest techniques in order to offer the best possible results. Luckily, Dr. Shalman has decades of experience performing the procedures that he performs. Whether you’re looking for a new smile or a more perfect one, Dr. Shalman can help you achieve both.

Dr. Elan Katz is a cosmetic dentist

As a periodontist in New Rochelle, NY, Dr. Elan Katz has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating gum disease and other oral problems. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, he also screens for oral cancer and performs dental implants. Periodontics is a specialty area of dentistry focused on gum health and bone structure. Dr. Elan Katz is a board-certified periodontist who will help patients maintain a healthy smile.