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Where to Buy Engagement Rings in Calgary

Engagement rings in Calgary

If you’re considering proposing to your girlfriend and want to surprise her with a gorgeous engagement ring, there are several options in Calgary. Fortunately, there are many options for engagement rings, including Alberta Diamond Exchange, a great place for educating yourself on stones, metals, and designs. While a big box chain can provide you with a big rock, the personal attention and specialized knowledge you’ll get at a Calgary jeweler’s is an experience unlike any other.

Styles of engagement rings

There are many styles of engagement rings to choose from, including those with fancy-cut diamond center stones. Other popular styles include those with sparkle and intricate settings. Although round diamond engagement rings remain a favorite, some couples are choosing to move beyond the traditional round shape and opt for more unique cuts and designs. If you’re looking for a unique design, consider a unique shape, such as an emerald.

There are many unique types of engagement rings, including solitaires, halo styles, and three-stone designs. Fancy-style rings can contain one, two, or three stones, while traditional solitaires have just one. You can view the entire collection of engagement rings in a downtown Calgary jeweller’s showroom. A professional jeweller can demonstrate the various styles and help you choose the best one for your special someone. The jeweller can even suggest the best ring style for her and minimize snagging.

Cost of engagement rings

Whether you’re looking for a custom-made¬†engagement ring experts ring or a traditional engagement ring, Calgary has a wide range of jewelry stores to suit your budget. There are many renowned brands in Calgary and their selection is second to none. In addition to having an extensive collection, they offer personalized service and can create custom designs. Cost of engagement rings in Calgary is usually in the low three-digit range. If you’re not sure what to look for, check out other Canadian cities for great deals.

While the average engagement ring costs $3,125, there are ways to make this purchase a lot more affordable. For example, a Canadian online store like Vrai or Mejuri can help you find a custom-designed ring that’s affordable, while offering sustainable diamonds. Another option is to purchase the diamond yourself – it’s sustainable and not mined. These stores also offer a wide range of metals and ten different diamond shapes. Another way to save on the engagement ring is to make it a joint savings account. Having a shared nest egg is an ideal way to kick-start a life together.

Places to buy an engagement ring in Calgary

The city of Calgary is home to some of Canada’s top jewelry retailers, and if you’re planning to propose to your beloved, there are many places to buy an engagement ring in Calgary. Here are a few tips on how to spot a high-quality diamond piece. A great place to start your search is a major jewelry chain. While Calgary has many large jewelry stores, it’s worth keeping a few local gem stores in mind as well.

For a truly custom piece, consider a local family-owned business. Calgary Jewellery Ltd., for example, has a reputation for delivering high-quality diamond jewellery. Owner Bernard Florence designs his pieces on site, and even makes custom pieces for clients. Other items available at the store include watches and writing instruments. This store is ideal for a custom-designed ring. When you’re shopping for a ring, be sure to check out their extensive inventory, as well as the prices and warranties.